About event

Tyumen Medical University announces International online conference: Chronodiagnostics and chronotherapy: The Fundamentals of Digital Health to be held in November, 2020 and welcomes online live presentations and digital poster presentations.

    Today it is clear that we must consider timing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

    Understanding circadian variability is necessary not only to escape diagnostic errors but also to enhance power and efficiency of treatment. Time of prescribing a drug or other therapeutic or preventive action can critically affect its result.

    Variability of physiological functions changes with the development and progression of pathology, losing its order.

    Amplitude-phase parameters of the circadian rhythm are of special interest for the development of chronodiagnostic methods.

    Translation of fundamental knowledge of chronobiology into practical healthcare (chronomedicine) is a task at hand.

    Topics to be covered (but not limited to):

  • Methodology of sampling, analysis and interpretation of dynamic observations and monitoring data
  • Methods for estimating endogenous circadian rhythm phase
  • Frontiers of personalized chronotherapy
  • Biobanks – Utilizing Big Data in Chronobiology
  • Acute and Chronic Circadian disruption
  • Shift-work and Social Jet Lag and its consequences
  • Sleep deficiency. Strategies to combat sleep problems
  • Human Centric Light
  • Melatonin
  • Chronoepidemiology and Infradian rhythms
  • Seasonal Photoperiodic and Rhythms in Far North
  • Circadian rhythms disorders as manifestations of disease
  • Preclinical circadian and ultradian disruption. Variability disorders and fractal scaling
  • Consequences of circadian disruption for health and well-being.
  • Circadian resonance, healthy aging and longevity
  • Rhythms restoration in the later life – a path to achieve longevity?
  • Preventing and treating circadian disruption to alleviate disease symptoms and its consequences.
  • Rhythmic nature of susceptibility to pathogens
  • Microbiota (microbiome) related topics of rhythmic phenomena
  • COVID-19: chronodisruption as predisposal factors and consequences of isolation
  • Interplay between circadian rhythms
  • Ultradian rhythms in nature, in health and disease

All Materials will be published in recently launched Journal of Chronomedicine special issue (2, 2020).